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Vibrant Health Naturopathic Medical Center is an integrative medical practice offering a unique health care model that blends the best of modern science with nature’s wisdom to provide safe & highly effective natural treatment options. We are located in Portsmouth, NH and our patients come from far and near to experience quality naturopathic medical care within our unique tranquil environment. New patients report a high level of satisfaction with the thoroughness provided during our extensive initial consultation, followed by a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan directed towards achieving the highest level of health & wellness possible.

Dr. Nicole Schertell is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor at Vibrant Health offering a broad spectrum of both conventional and complementary evidence-based therapies. Dr. Schertell treats a wide scope of health conditions using naturopathic medicine, and provides general family healthcare to many of her patients. Her specialties include bio-identical hormone balancing, Lyme and tick-borne diseases, thyroid conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolism optimization, autoimmune conditions, and herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Dr.  Andrew Chevalier is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor at Vibrant Health.  He joined the practice in May 2013.  His areas of expertise include Lyme Disease, Integrative Psychology, Integrative Cancer Care, Men’s Health, Natural Foot Care, and Weight Loss.

At Vibrant Health Naturopathic Medical Center, our mission is to remain at the forefront of natural health discoveries, providing our patients with the most advanced result-driven therapies available. We currently offer a multitude of services including general naturopathic alternative medicine, cutting-edge weight loss protocols, nutritional IV therapy, bio-identical hormone balancing, herbal medicine, Sunlighten infrared sauna sessions, homeopathic consultations, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Ondamed, and LENS Neurofeedback.


We are dedicated to bringing the most advanced Breast and Full Body Thermographic Imaging to New England! Our thermography equipment is the ONLY medical thermography device on the market that is also FDA-certified for breast screening. By using our services, you can be assured that you will be in the best of hands and that you are receiving the MOST ACCURATE thermography screening available!

The procedure is done by a board certified certified clinical thermographer and doctor. The images are then sent off-site to be interpreted by highly qualified MD thermologists, certified in both thermography and radiology. Breast Thermography can provide the EARLIEST warning signs of breast cancer possible. And best of all, THERMOGRAPHY is non-invasive, radiation-free, and painless!

Thermography is extremely effective in detecting the earliest signs of abnormal cells and angiogenesis (abnormal blood vessel growth that often accompanies or preceedes cancer formation). Prevention is the best medicine, and early detection can save lives!

To learn more about Digital Infrared Breast Thermography, CLICK HERE OR for Full Body Thermography CLICK HERE


Bioidentical Hormone Balancing

Start feeling like yourself again!

Bio-identical hormones are prescription hormones that are molecularly IDENTICAL to the hormones naturally produced by your own body. At Vibrant Health Naturopathic Medical Center, we ONLY use natural bio-identical hormones. We also believe that BALANCED hormones will lower risk of developing various hormone-related cancers and slow the degenerative aging process.   It is only logical to believe that what is identical and familiar to the human body would be safer and better tolerated than that which is synthetic. progesterone The use of bioidentical hormone therapy is now a highly sought out treatment by men & women who are seeking symptomatic relief and to slow some of the degeneration involved with the aging process. It can also be helpful for younger woman who suffer from PMS, PMDD, severe mood swings, and other gynecological problems related to an underlying hormone imbalance. Take the HORMONE QUIZ now to see if you may benefit from hormone balancing treatment.

Many women suffer from menopausal symptoms because they are frightened of synthetic hormone replacement due to knowledge of the risks involved. In 2002 the National Institute of Health determined that conventional synthetic hormone replacement could increase a women’s risk of breast cancer, coronary events, stroke and blood clots. The study did not use any bio-identical hormones.

Dr. Nicole Schertell formulates custom compounded bioidentical hormone preparations for her patients, based on their individual needs. Saliva and blood testing are performed to determine the strength and dosage for the patient. Many patients report an improvement in symptoms within 1 week!

Most women experience a 30% drop in estrogen by age 50, then a sharp drop with menopause. Additionally, there is a trend of 75% loss of progesterone from age 35 to 50, followed by an additional loss of 50% by age 75. Properly controlled bio-identical hormones may slow down or delay the negative aging effects of hormonal decline. Replenishing and rebalancing hormones can rejuvinate and restore youthfulness.

Symptoms of Estrogen Deficiency: Difficulty falling asleep, forgetfulness, mood changes, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, reduced stamina, dry vagina or painful intercourse, loss of skin radiance, upper lip wrinkles, sagging breasts, weight gain, body stiffness or joint pain, headaches, bloated feeling.

Symptoms of Progesterone Deficiency: PMS, breast tenderness before menstruation, heavy bleeding, large dark clots with menstruation, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, memory loss, weight gain, vaginal dryness, reduced libido, fibroids or endometriosis in some cases.

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency: Low libido, decreased muscle tone and strength, increased body fat, and decreased bone density. Hair loss, low motivation, decreased self-confidence, moodiness, and decreased energy are also possible.

Click here to read Dr. Schertell’s article on Thyroid Hormone Imbalance

Lyme Disease
“The Great Imitator”

Lyme Disease is an increasingly prevalent acute and chronic condition that is of particular concern in the Eastern United States.  Unfortunately, current conventional diagnosis and treatment is often inadequate.  Through the use of advanced specialty lab testing, ILADS protocols, and natural therapies our patients are able to achieve quicker and greater clinical success.

Standard laboratory screening tests fail to detect 51% of cases. In addition, standard laboratories have omitted several Lyme specific bands from the Western Blot test due to a vaccine that was briefly administered in the 90′s.   These bands (numbered 31 and 34) are highly indicative of Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi) exposure, yet these bands are not included in standard commercial Lyme tests (even though the Lyme vaccine is no longer available).  These factors make Lyme disease very challenging to diagnose.  Often, patients see multiple practitioners without getting any explanation for why they feel so sick.

IGeneX Laboratories offers specialty Lyme testing using a Western Blot that includes the previously omitted 31 and 34 bands.  If done properly, there is a potential for up to 97% accuracy (vs. 49% through conventional labs).

Dr. Nicole Schertell and Dr. Andrew Chevalier  have diagnosed and treated numerous cases of Lyme Disease by using an integrative approach.  Our doctors use testing and treatment approaches based on ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) guidelines.  Office visits include a comprehensive evaluation, testing recommendations, and an individualized integrative treatment plan.  Naturopathic treatment of Lyme Disease takes into account the whole person and the multitude of bodily systems affected by the bacteria.  Treatment may include a combination of antibiotics (oral, intramuscular, or intravenous) with herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, detoxification support, inflammation support, and general immune support.  Lyme Disease also frequently attacks the endocrine system causing  hormone imbalances which may be addressed using bio-identical hormones if necessary.

Lyme Disease is referred to as “The Great Imitator” because it can disguise itself as many different illnesses, and it affects each person differently. The following list includes only a few of the many health conditions that may be a case of misdiagnosed Lyme Disease: Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, and Menopausal Fevers/Sweats/Chills.

If you suspect you may have Lyme, please fill out this Lyme Disease & Co-Infection Questionnaire, and call our office to schedule an appointment or 15 minute free consult with one of our doctors (603-610-8882).


Cancer CareIntegrative Cancer Care

After being diagnosed with cancer, it can be very overwhelming to sort through the immense number of cancer interventions promoted on the internet and recommended by friends and family members. With endless information out there, much of which seems conflicting, how do you know whom to trust?

Integrative medicine (IM) is whereby natural therapies are used under the instruction of a qualified doctor to complement traditional treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery).  These natural treatments work by reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and when used properly, can INCREASE the effectiveness of chemotherapy.   Natural therapies become “alternative” medicine when they become the primary therapy for patients who are terminal, do not qualify for chemotherapy, have not responded favorably to chemotherapy, or during a recurrence.

Despite the ever-growing popularity of alternative medicine, there are still very few oncologists who are well-versed in naturopathic or alternative methods of healing.  Their focus is to kill the cancer, and in doing so, the person with the cancer can be overlooked.  Naturopathic therapies strengthen the patient (physically, mentally, and emotionally) as they are going through chemotherapy.  Here is an analogy to help explain the role of naturopathic medicine in cancer care- “While cancer is the weed, integrative cancer care deals with the garden as well, making the soil as inhospitable as possible to growth and spread of the weed. “-The Definitive Guide to Cancer, 2010

Integrative naturopathic cancer treatments may include:

Simeons Weight Loss Protocol

strawberry inches

Our practice is proudly considered to be among the fastest growing medical weight loss centers in New England due to our unique naturopathic approach to weight management and highly innovative treatment protocols.  We are pleased to be the FIRST practice to bring the extremely effective Simeons Weight Loss Program to New Hampshire. 

This weight loss method has been gaining press, and similar protocols have been featured on the Dr. Oz Show.  Under medical supervision, our patients are given the support needed to reach their weight loss goals.  We have worked with patients who suffer from all degrees of abnormal weight gain; seeking anywhere from 10+lbs to over 100+ lbs loss, therefore we have several options to meet each individual’s specific needs.

Our most popular weight loss program is the Simeons Weight Loss Protocol, due to the rapid results achieved.  For many of our patients, it is the only program that has worked for them and it can be life-changing. We recommend that you contact our office for a free 15 minute consult to gather more information and learn if this program could work for you.

What makes the Simeons Weight Loss Protocol different than other weight loss programs?

Our protocol involves a combination of various herbal, diet, and naturopathic therapies to mobilize abnormal fat stores.  These combined treatments reduce hunger and food cravings- making it possible for patients to follow a specific low-calorie whole-foods diet for 20, 30, or 40-day cycles at a time.  This combination allows our patients to lose weight at a much faster rate than can be achieved with most other diet programs.

Other Benefits:

  • Many of our patients report that it’s easier than ever to maintain their weight loss and that their metabolism seems renewed upon completion of our program.
  • Weekly sessions combined with our treatment can help to conquer bad habits- including nighttime eating, emotional eating, and overeating.
  • With each medically supervised weight loss round, we must limit the weight loss to 40 lbs maximum per cycle.  We will discontinue treatment at the 40-day mark, or once a patient has reached 40lbs loss; whichever comes first.  Additional cycles can be done with a 6-week break in-between.

How does Simeons Protocol work?

Our therapies will assist with the release of abnormal fat into circulation so it may be burned up for energy.   On this protocol, it has been suggested that up to 4,000 calories of fat can be released into the blood stream daily.  With a constant source of fat and energy circulating in the blood stream, we bypass the hunger response.  In this sense, the brain is tricked into thinking the body has just eaten a full meal, allowing the patient to feel satiated with smaller amounts of food.  We use the combined therapies to target “trouble areas” of the body such as the hard to reach abdominal belly fat and the thighs.  The whole-foods diet is based on proteins, vegetables and fruits, and our patients are often surprised at the level of satisfaction and satiation they feel without eating grains, sugar, cheese, and other foods that we often rely upon to feel full.

What is the hypothalamus?

 The therapies used in our Simeons protocol are thought to positively affect the hypothalamus gland, which is responsible for many functions like controlling hunger, regulation of the rate at which your body burns are stores fat for energy, and regulating hormones.

Is the Simeons Protocol considered safe?

If the patient has been screened properly and is being medically supervised, there are typically little to no side-effects reported with minimal risk involved.  In fact, most patients report feeling much better overall while on the program!  It has been used on many patients since the 1950′s with little risk involved, however the discovery of this weight loss protocol is still fairly recent and there is still more learn.

Will the weight stay off?

You may have experienced the diet failure cycle yourself–the unhealthy yo-yo effect of losing a little bit of weight, only to gain back even more. Simeon’s weight loss plan is helping dieters break this cycle.  We believe it to have a  “resetting effect” on the brain so that the body is more aware of when it is full.  The program is based on the idea that being overweight is a result of the brain not relaying the proper message to the stomach- “I’m full and have enough stored fat to stop eating” combined with a slow metabolism.  Most patients report long-lasting weight loss when following a typical healthy diet and lifestyle plan during maintenance.

Do I need to work out and exercise while on the program?

While patients are on the program, they are asked NOT to exercise until a normal caloric intake has resumed.  Patients are encouraged to resume a workout schedule after the program is complete. Light toning such as Pilates or a 20-minute walks are acceptable. However, with too much exercise, the patient may become uncomfortably hungry which may interfere with their success.

What does the program include?

  • Initial medical clearance examination with the doctor
  • Medical supervision and weight loss coaching throughout the program
  • Program training, workbook, & cookbook
  • Weekly follow-up visits are encouraged, and are included in the program fee
  • Weekly B12 injections (for energy and metabolism during program)
  • All of the supplies and training are provided for the patient to perform at-home injections of our natural fat-burning protocol.  This is done with a very small needle the size of an eyelash.  Other forms such as nasal sprays, creams, and oral pills may also be used, however they may not be as effective.  We have the most success with injections and consider them the “gold-standard”.
  • Any laboratory tests or additional supplement/medication recommendations may not be included in cost, however depending on the individual’s insurance or flex spending/health savings account guidelines, patient’s may be reimbursed for our program.  Please contact your insurance or HSA to learn more about your policy guidelines for coverage.

Contact us today for more information.  15 minute free consult available with Dr. Chevalier:  603-610-8882

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved this protocol for weight loss, however an experienced physician may prescribe this protocol for an unapproved medical purpose or “off-label” use.  Allowing physicians professional discretion to prescribe this treatment for obesity or for patient weight loss is not based upon any governmental determination that the treatment is effective for such use. Although the average weight loss has been observed to be between 1/2 and 1 lb per day, weight loss may vary based on a number of individual factors (including but not limited to: patient compliance, interfering substances/medications, and the unique physiology of the person), therefore we offer no set guaranteed results.



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