Glutathione IV Therapy Portsmouth, NH

Glutathione IV Therapy Portsmouth NH

At this moment your cells are producing your body’s most potent detoxifier and free radical quencher – the “Mother Molecule” glutathione. This powerful antioxidant is made up of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine that stave off free radicals (atoms that seek electrons to pair up with while damaging your cell’s DNA).

When you don’t produce enough to fight off those free radicals, you suffer from oxidative stress – which can intensify, stimulating diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer.

What causes a glutathione deficiency?

Chronic infections, toxic exposures, poor nutrition, stress, and of course, aging. When glutathione neutralizes the impact of oxidative stress, it may reduce effects of aging and disease.

The glutathione molecule encourages cell regeneration by maintaining healthy mitochondrial growth. Its benefits for skin smoothing and nail hardening have been well documented. It may also boost athletic endurance, which is why trainers often include glutathione supplementation among their gym work out tips. Glutathione may also provide powerful ataxia treatment for those suffering from movement disorders like Parkinson’s.

Though it can be found in raw or very rare meat, unpasteurized dairy products and freshly-picked fruits and vegetables like avocado and asparagus, when you’re deficient, food may not suffice. Glutathione can be supplemented orally, topically, or via inhalant. However, because glutathione has poor oral absorption, the most direct and effective way to boost levels or supplement a deficiency is through intravenous delivery.

Professionally monitored Glutathione Therapy can bolster your health and stave off signs of aging on many fronts. For a custom consultation with our naturopathic providers call the Vibrant Health Naturopathic Medical Center at ☎ (603) 610-8882 or contact us here.

Symptoms of glutathione deficiency

Symptoms of glutathione deficiency vary depending on whether a patient has a mild, moderate or severe case. Signs of moderate or severe deficiency are apparent during infancy. Symptoms of mild deficiency may not be recognized until later in life. They include:

  • Anemia (fatigue, pale skin color, lightheadedness, and shortness of breath)
  • Acid build up (metabolic acidosis)
  • Frequent infections
  • Seizures
  • Intellectual disability (speech delay in children)
  • Ataxia symptoms like loss of coordination
  • Stiff muscles (spasticity)
  • Retinal dystrophy

What conditions does Glutathione treat?

Healthy glutathione levels have been shown to increase endurance and strength, decrease exercise recovery time, kick metabolism into high gear and mitigate muscle injury. They may also mitigate the oxidative stress that causes the chronic inflammation at the root of so many common contemporary conditions.

When inhaled through a nebulizer, glutathione may mitigate asthma. In the form of a biofilm treatment, it may be used to regulate the die-off reaction – or Herx reaction – that occurs during antimicrobial treatment for infections.

The clinically validated glutathione IV therapy our naturopathic providers deliver may:

  • Fight autoimmune disease: in rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease glutathione may regulate inflammation by protecting cell mitochondria and fighting free radicals
  • Resolve chronic infections: glutathione is depleted in patients with these infections; it may resolve natural killer cell production
  • Provide detox support: glutathione binds to toxins in the liver before they're excreted, so it may flush them out of your body
  • Treat traumatic brain injury: glutathione may reduce oxidative stress, excitotoxicity, and inflammation while supporting mitochondrial function and aiding membrane, synapse, and axon repair
  • Promote post-stroke healing: may protect cell function and perform reactive oxygen species scavenging in the brain
  • Reduce fatty liver disease damage: may improve protein, enzyme, and bilirubin levels in alcoholic and nonalcoholic chronic fatty liver disease patients; may reduce malondialdehyde, a marker of cell damage in the liver
  • Improve blood sugar regulating hormone resistance: low glutathione levels are associated with less fat burning and higher rates of fat storing - supplementing may improve both
  • Increase mobility in peripheral artery disease patients: when the peripheral arteries become clogged with plaque, glutathione may improve circulation, enabling patients to walk longer distances
  • Reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms: intravenous glutathione may help reduce tremors and muscle rigidity
  • Reduce oxidative damage in children with autism: these children have higher levels of oxidative damage and lower levels of glutathione in their brains; those who supplement may show improvement in cysteine, plasma sulfate, and whole-blood glutathione levels
  • Regulate diabetes: glutathione supplementation may lower oxidative damage in patients with uncontrolled diabetes
  • Relieve respiratory disease symptoms: N-acetylcysteine - a byproduct of glutathione - may thin mucus and reduce inflammation in asthma and cystic fibrosis patients

How Is Glutathione Delivered?

If you try to take glutathione orally, its peptide bonds will get broken down by your stomach acid. That’s why intravenous delivery is most efficient and effective way to address most conditions caused by glutathione deficiency.

As licensed, IV-trained NDs, our naturopathic providers prescribe, deliver and monitor your supplementation session in our clean and cozy medical suite.

After assessing your symptoms and determining the appropriate dose of preservative-free glutathione you require, they will use flexible angiocatheters in an optimal location to make your session as painless and relaxed as possible. You’ll be able to move and use your phone.

Though it will not feel like a hospital IV, there are some minor risks of bruising or of an irritated vein when injecting into the bloodstream, as with any IV delivery.

Depending on your condition and protocol, each session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Always eat and drink within 3 hours of your appointment to help stabilize your body.

Your dosage will vary depending on your condition, your age, your weight, your diet as well as your family history. When delivered in the proper doses and under optimal conditions, IV therapy is extremely safe and effective for patients of all ages and sizes.

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The power of “The Mother Molecule” is indisputable. Our team at Vibrant Health Natural Medicine has been trained to deliver IV Therapy in the most effective, least invasive manner possible.

Whether you’re interested in glutathione for detoxification support, anti-aging therapy, skin smoothing, endurance training or immune system maintenance, call our naturopathic providers for a customized, compassionate consultation at ☎ (603) 610-8882 or contact us here.

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