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Bone mass. Red blood cell production. Fat distribution. Muscle mass. Mood. Memory. Energy. Testosterone controls it all - for men and women - setting up the balance with all our other hormones, the way a drummer keeps the beat for all the musicians in a band.

Like musicians, our hormones must perform together, in tune, on pitch, at just the right volume and intervals. As our hormones are synergistic, a low level of testosterone not only disrupts its own functions but can cause dissonance amongst our other hormones.

If you're looking for testosterone boosters that work, buying a bottle of supplements online is not likely to optimize your levels. Why? Because it's not customized to your exact imbalance – it's one size fits all solution. But hormone imbalance is not a one size fits all problem.

Our naturopathic providers will help rebalance your testosterone level so it can harmonize with the rest of your hormones, and make life feel less like an off-beat drummer, and more like a dance-inspiring band.

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Why balance testosterone levels?

Low Testosterone Level Testing and Treatment in Portsmouth, NH

Your glands are at work 24/7. They secrete testosterone - along with 50 other biochemicals - directly into your bloodstream, through which it travels to target sites: cells, tissues, and organs.

Once it arrives, testosterone delivers commands to your cells to perform physiological functions like growth, musculature, bone density, metabolism, emotional response, and sex drive. Even a small over or underproduction of testosterone can cause havoc in your body - just like one out-of-tune guitar can ruin a song.

As a man ages, his body naturally makes less testosterone. In fact, by the time a man is in his mid-forties, testosterone levels can be down by 40%. Lifestyle factors such as excessive stress, weight gain, and lack of exercise can lower levels even further, impacting his:

  • stamina
  • sex drive and virility
  • erectile or ejaculatory function
  • bone strength
  • muscle strength
  • body fat and breast size
  • memory and concentration
  • body hair
  • concentration, memory, and mood

As a woman ages, her testosterone levels fall and she may experience:

  • hair loss
  • weakening bones
  • low libido
  • decreased breast size
  • vaginal dryness or painful intercourse
  • mood swings and fatigue
  • weight gain
  • night sweats and hot flashes

If left unchecked in both men and women, these hormonally-induced changes can cause:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • cardiovascular disease
  • osteoporosis and bone fracture
  • weight gain or obesity
  • blood sugar imbalances leading to diabetes
  • depression or anxiety

Both men's and women's sex organ functions require just the right balance of testosterone and estrogen - and that perfect balance may be different for each individual, depending on age, genetics, diet, lifestyle as well as various environmental and health factors.

That's why testosterone balancing at Vibrant Health is a highly customized procedure - our naturopathic providers tune in to your unique, often subtle requirements before beginning it.

If you have any of the above symptoms, consult with them to diagnose or rule out any other underlying medical conditions before discussing testosterone supplementation.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical means molecularly identical to the body's natural hormones. Unlike conventional hormone replacement, BHRT applies testosterone produced from natural plant sources like yams and soybeans, which match human hormones molecule by molecule, alleviating risks and side effects that make synthetic chemical hormones problematic.

The only way to determine whether you need bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is through laboratory testing. Specific lab panels can access your base hormone levels.

Determining baseline hormone levels

During your initial exam, our naturopathic providers will take plenty of time to discuss your medical history, diet, lifestyle, and medication intake. Together, you'll decide to do one or more of the following:

  • Blood test
    Make sure you disclose all the medications you're taking, as they may affect your results. A phlebotomist will insert a needle into your vein, withdraw a blood sample, and send it to a lab for close analysis.

    As the Harvard Medical website explains, determining whether your testosterone level is too low is not easy. The blood test for total testosterone is not always reliable, because sex hormones in the bloodstream are 95-99% bound to carrier proteins. In this form, they are not fully available to target tissues, so a blood test may not detect them.
  • Saliva test
    Saliva testing may better detect levels associated with symptoms of hormone excess or deficiency because it measures the amount of hormone available in the tissues your hormone is targeting - the bioavailable amount. Saliva tests also help monitor hormone levels during hormone replacement therapy to help balance them.

    A growing body of evidence suggests that saliva tests can more accurately determine levels of testosterone and DHEA (a precursor to testosterone and estrogen).

    This non-invasive sampling method requires that you spit into a plastic tube, allowing you to collect saliva at home at specific times to more accurately measure levels.
  • Urine test
    Urinalysis provides the average hormone level over a 24-hour period, and tests more hormones and hormone metabolites than any blood or saliva panel, providing a higher level of information for complex cases

After reviewing all lab results and determining your baseline hormone levels, our naturopathic providers will determine whether bioidentical testosterone replacement is necessary. In some cases, it may not be; however, lifestyle and environmental factors may alter this need over time, so getting tested periodically is imperative.

Interpreting results

What is a healthy testosterone range? That depends on your age, gender, and symptoms you're trying to treat or prevent. It also depends on how well you tolerate the intensity of those symptoms.

Remember: results are not static. Your hormone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Level testing provides a starting point which helps determine next steps. Our naturopathic providers will help you interpret and act on your diagnosis.

As with any medical procedure, results and efficacy of testosterone level diagnosis vary from patient to patient, depending on age, genetics, environmental conditions, and other health factors.

BHRT delivery

Once you're identified as a candidate for BHRT, our naturopathic providers will administer supplements via:

  • gels and creams
  • injections

They will monitor your levels during and after your treatment to ensure optimal health results and to minimize side effects. Because excess testosterone can also cause high red blood cell count, higher blood pressure and other symptoms, attending every scheduled appointment is crucial.

Results of Testosterone Therapy

Patients often ask how quickly they will see results. That depends on their age, genetics, immune system health, diet and exercise habits, as well as environmental factors. Just as unique as your imbalance is when you enter our suite, so too, will your rebalancing be when you go back home to your new "hormonal self".

That said, many patients report an improvement in symptoms within 1 week!

They're overjoyed with their improved memory, mood, sleep, libido, and overall youthful energy. That, however, should never stop them from returning for all of their follow up appointments, as testosterone is a fickle steroid. Levels will fluctuate and you will need to tweak your supplementation for a while before achieving the perfect balance.

Botanical Medicine for Hormone Balancing

Long before researches started studying BHRT, they demonstrated the efficacy of many plant-based therapies for hormone rebalancing. For centuries these plants have assisted people all over the world with the natural aging process - naturally:

  • fenugreek: increases testosterone by lowering the number of enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen; contains 4-hydroxyisoleucine, trigonelline, galactomannan, and trigoneoside which help normalize blood sugar metabolism, along with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antitumorigenic properties to reduce inflammation while improving sex and reproductive functions
  • tribulus terrestris: multiple studies have shown that this herb improves erectile dysfunction in men while boosting libido and sexual satisfaction in both men and women while regulating inflammation and depression
  • mucuna pruriens: the seeds of this herb contain L-DOPA, which combats prolactin's suppression of testosterone
  • withania somnifera (ashwagandha): this Ayurvedic adaptogen and antioxidant has been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels in men
  • pine bark extract: contains plant-based testosterone that lowers cholesterol, and improves blood flow to reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Nutritional Supplements for Hormone Balancing

While getting your nutrients through food is ideal, it's not always possible. Not everyone can eat portions large enough often enough to achieve optimal nutrition. People who have conditions like Celiac Disease, IBS, and Crohn's have disrupted nutrient absorption in their GI tract. Certain autoimmune disorder medications like disease modifying drugs or seizure drugs can also disrupt the body's nutrient absorption.

Many American men suffer Low T because they are deficient in Vitamin D3 - which improves production and regulation of testosterone. A small supplementation can make a big difference in a man's strength and sexual performance.

Other nutrients that can help rebalance testosterone levels include:

  • zinc: this mineral has been shown in numerous studies to increase levels of testosterone and sperm count in men with low-T
  • astaxanthin: this carotenoid enhances the body's use of fatty acids and modulates hormones; studies show that combining this supplement with saw palmetto increases testosterone levels while decreasing DHT, which interferes with testosterone production
  • L-arginine: this amino acid increases the production of GH which supports testosterone production
  • L-citruline: this amino acid increases blood flow and enhances nitric oxide production which helps resolve erectile dysfunction; the kidneys convert it into L-arginine

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