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Vibrant Health offers a number of cutting-edge regenerative treatments to address chronic pain caused by either an old or new injury, or due to wear and tear.

The most commonly used therapies include Prolozone therapy, PRP injections (Platelet Rich Plasma), PEMF therapy, as well as the ancient art of Acupuncture.

We may also recommend certain supplements to address inflammation, or safer non-addicting prescriptions such as LDN or CBD. Each patient's needs are different, and each situation is different, therefore it is best to meet with one of our providers first for a Pain Consultation (45 min), so that the treatment goals can be identified, and the appropriate therapy can be recommended at the correct frequency and duration to achieve the desired results.

For patients with Harvard Pilgram, Blue Cross, or Medicare, it's possible that your insurance may cover this initial pain consultation, as these are typically scheduled with our Nurse Practitioner who is contracted with these insurance providers.

What is Prolozone?

The name Prolozone is derived from the Latin word "Proli"- meaning "regenerate or rebuild". Therefore, Prolozone is offered at Vibrant Health in Portsmouth, NH as a regenerative injection technique using the power of Ozone to promote complete healing and a permanent end to chronic pain. Prolozone can be used to treat pain caused by a variety of joint, muscle and soft-tissue issues.

Prolozone is excellent for nearly all forms of joint pain, degenerative and arthritc joints such as the hips and knees, chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, elbow and shoulder pains, and more.

Did you know that cortisone joint injections will provide temporary relief, but at the cost of up to 50% joint destruction per cortisone injection in the long-run? Unlike cortisone injections, Prolozone actually CORRECTS the pathology causing the pain, and patients have a strong chance of becoming pain free permanently. Prolozone has even eliminated the need for surgery for many of our patients! Prolozone can be used to treat many sports injuries, including old injuries, arthritis, scars, and more. We have even had success treating cases of "bone on bone" where the cartilate is severely eroded. Prolozone involves an injection into the target area using a sterile anti-inflammatory solution that also includes vitamins, the ozone gas, and a numbing agent. This procedure bathes the affected tissue with essential nutrients required for repair, which also improves circulation and reduces pain. Patients most often report improvement and relief after the first injection, however 3-5 treatments are typical for providing long-term relief and results. Our naturopathic providers are skilled in regenerative injections.They are experienced injectors that are certified in regenerative injection techniques and also members of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy.

What is Ozone?

Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered "why is the sky blue?" Incidentally, the answer is Ozone. Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule (O3) in our atmosphere that contributes to the blue spectrum of color in the sky.

Its medical applications have long been debated, but various ozone therapies were developed to treat many medical conditions in Germany in the early 1950's, and is widely used throughout the European Union today. This is largely due to Dr. Frank Shallenberger, the leading ozone expert in the United States who has trained our provider at Vibrant Health.

Studies and clinical experience have shown Ozone treatment can effectively increase and improve circulation, immune system function, antioxidant protection, oxygen utilization, and has proven to be a potent anti-microbial agent. Ozone is colorless, odorless, and essential to life. It is a supercharged oxygen molecule, which is 3 oxygen molecules bonded together. It is this 3rd oxygen molecule that gives ozone its potent medicinal properties. Ozone is also becoming more popular among biological dentists who often use it to help control bacterial overgrowth in the mouth.

How Does Prolozone Work?

The reason some injuries heal, yet other don't, has party to do with the amount of circulation reaching the injury, and also party to do with the efficiency and overall health of the cells that we rely on to heal an injury. In order for damaged tissues to heal and regenerate, the cells need to have energy an optimal electromagnetic charge (this is why PEMF therapy complements Prolozone so well), as well as nutrients such as oxygen, vitamins and minerals. In fact, when it comes to healing an injury, oxygen is the most important element needed. Low levels of oxygen leads to a major accumulation of lactic acid, and this causes pain. Prolozone works by 1) lowering inflammation and swelling thus increasing circulation 2) providing necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells. All of this leads to joint healing, repair, and regeneration.

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