ThreeForMe Laser Treatment in Portsmouth NH

ThreeForMe Laser Treatment Portsmouth NH

Your facial appearance changes as you get older. Looking for a protocol that addresses facial veins, wrinkles, and sun damage all at once? Look no further than ThreeForMe Laser Treatment.

The sun can be unkind to your skin. For example, sun damage can cause issues like dark spots and wrinkles. As we age, the collagen in our skin naturally decreases too, leading to wrinkles and other skin issues.

Our naturopathic providers combat skin problems caused by sun damage and collagen loss with the gentle and customizable ThreeForMe Laser Treatment. With one half-hour appointment, you will see a transformation in your skin that continues to get better with time.

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What is ThreeForMe Laser Treatment?

ThreeForMe Laser Treatment is a non-invasive laser protocol that addresses facial veins, wrinkles, and sun damage.

How Does ThreeForMe Laser Treatment Work?

ThreeForMe Laser Treatment consists of two steps, each performed with a separate device:

  1. intense pulsed light (IPL) addresses facial veins and sun discoloration by penetrating every skin level
  2. laser technology tackles wrinkles and scars by encouraging elastin and collagen production

Who Is ThreeForMe Laser Treatment For?

Specific skin issues that ThreeForMe Laser Treatment is used for include:

  • freckles
  • fine lines
  • liver spots
  • wrinkles
  • spider veins
  • scars
  • broken blood vessels
  • rosacea

ThreeForMe Laser Treatment is thought to be appropriate for most skin types, though it may cause issues for those with darker skin tones.Our naturopathic providers will discuss if ThreeForMe Laser Treatment is right for you.

Your ThreeForMe Laser Treatment

Your appointment should last about 60 minutes, 30 minutes of which you are numbing with topically applied cream. You’ll wear eye protection as the handheld devices are held against your skin to administer the lasers.

During your ThreeForMe Laser Treatment, you may feel a rubber band-like snapping and coolness. There is minimal downtime afterward, though you may need to wear sunscreen.

You might see effects right after your first session. You will likely see changes in the facial veins the soonest, brown spots may darken and fall off over the next three weeks, and wrinkles may improve the greatest within 1-3 months post-treatment as the body regrows collagen and elastin. Side effects include temporary swelling and redness that lasts up to two days. Compared to other treatments, the downtime is minimal and mild.

You may only require about 1-4 sessions at one-month intervals to see your desired effect. Said effects may become better with time, though you may need later sessions to maintain them. Our naturopathic providers Moran will customize your ThreeForMe Laser Treatment to meet your needs.

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